Introducing SpringCM's Customer Community, Momentum

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Sometimes the answers to critical questions can hide in plain sight.

SpringCM is launching Momentum.Everyone has had the experience of hammering away at a tough problem in isolation, only to have others offer a fresh perspective that makes the solution snap into place. 

If you think back to childhood, you'll realize just how frequently these types of situations arise. Remember the Slinky? Almost everyone who first got one of those plastic toy coils was in for a disappointment. You'd place your brand new Slinky at the top of a long staircase and give it a push, fully expecting to see some of the magic motion from the commercial manifest itself. Instead, it would limply spill over a single stair and stop dead. Then your friends showed up. They had been conducting their own experiments of trial and error on just the right kind of push that was necessary. Alone, you were stuck. Together, you combined your experience and knowledge and got things moving.

Of course, there's a lot more going on in today's tech-enhanced workplace than in a childhood Slinky race. But some things never change. When we work in silos, no matter how observant, thoughtful and highly skilled we are, we end up with blinders on. We naturally focus on one way to look at a problem and we come to a halt. We need other informed perspectives and voices to get back on track.

But collaboration with like-minded individuals doesn't just help you out of a jam, it allows you to move forward together, with everyone benefitting from everyone else's knowledge. You're not just solving the problem in front of you, you're setting the group up to face future challenges better – together.

And so it's with that in mind that SpringCM is launching Momentum, a new online community to bring our customers and partners together – so you can make use of each other's knowledge and experience, helping your success snowball (or, as it were, build like the momentum of a Slinky speeding smoothly and successfully down a staircase).

A Meeting of the Minds

SpringCM has a community populated by professionals from a broad cross-section of all types of industries, but who face similar challenges and are looking for similar solutions. With a user-friendly interface and discussion forums broken out into easily recognizable subject areas, you'll find that Momentum will be your first stop for all things SpringCM.

In your role, you're already part of a very specific community – and with Momentum, that community will connect more directly than ever before.

Gaining Steam Together with Momentum

As you explore the range of interesting conversation topics in Momentum's discussion areas, you'll discover that it is the place for an ongoing discussion about the complex, multifaceted world of contract and document management. It's a place to talk about what's possible – not just in terms of what SpringCM can offer, or what new features everyone could benefit from, but in terms of how you can make operational improvements along lines you might never before have imagined. You'll find that your experiences might ring familiar to others and vice versa – whether they are in similar lines of business or very different ones. You'll get an unprecedented window into how many different companies manage their contracts and documents, give them a window into yours and use that as a foundation for everyone to do things better.

And once you're talking, who knows what positive and productive synergies could spiral out. When you get to know people in your region doing the same sort of work, working in the same space, approaching the same goals, the possibilities are endless. You could sow the seeds of a professional collaboration with another local business, connect with a new colleague you look forward to meeting in person at industry events – or even make a new friend!

Momentum is there to start the conversation – from there, you do the collaboration.

Click here to join Momentum!

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

There are other benefits to using Momentum, too. We always do our best to make our training and informational resources as easily available and intuitive as possible. And so it was critical that we made Momentum not just a go-to place for you to touch base with other users, but also a one-stop destination for any other SpringCM-related information you might need. Easily navigable menus point you to all the helpful additional tools and services we offer.

SpringCM is, after all, dedicated to streamlining and automating experiences, so you shouldn't have to dig through your email to find a link if there's a SpringCM-related resource you need. And since you'll be checking Momentum frequently to stay on top of the ever-developing conversation, you'll never be far from those resources.

Let's Build Momentum 

If you're a SpringCM customer or partner, what are the best ways for you to make use of all the collaborative potential? For starters, you can sign up for the community. The more our customers and partners use Momentum to communicate and collaborate, the more everyone benefits.

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