Introducing G|1 Docs: One Solution to Process Documents in Salesforce

By Steven Jones

          Document Management

G1-Blog-Social.pngSalesforce is a critical platform for maintaining customer prospect data. As a leading vendor in contract and document management, we understand better than anyone the challenges many face when it comes to working with content in Salesforce.

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, we’ve been committed to investing in the platform to make it easier for the Salesforce community to do business.  

With over 2,800 applications available in the AppExchange, it’s not difficult to to find an application that can address a particular need behind processing documents, however the more tools you need, the more time-consuming and complex the it becomes. That’s why SpringCM is pitching in to simplify document processes to help make the entire Salesforce community stronger and optimize their Salesforce investment.

This week we introduced G|1 Docs; one tool within Salesforce that can generate documents, manage them and automate the workflows that move them.

G|1 Docs is more than just a document repository that’s connected through an API, it’s a fully integrated solution that provides powerful document generation and advanced document workflow.  

Here’s how it works:

Generate Documents

G|1 Docs jump-starts your business process, with the ability to generate any document according to your business guidelines. Businesses can configure and evolve custom templates for their most common documents to provide complete control over document generation activity. G|1 Docs also lets organizations merge data from systems like Salesforce, to quickly create new, accurate documents. From there, it automatically launches the document into the appropriate workflow to keep the business process moving.

We also know how difficult it can be to work with third-party files, so G|1 Docs makes it just as easy to upload those documents and send them into the appropriate workflow.

Manage Documents

It can be difficult to locate the documents you need without an intuitive folder structure that accommodates the way your teams work. With G|1 Docs, you’ll know exactly where your documents are.

We keep your documents in a secure, central repository. Our robust tagging and search functions allow you to locate the right document within seconds from anywhere, including your smartphone. You don’t even need to know the file name, instead you can search by keywords, clauses, or by terms found within the body of the document. This one solution leverages configurable metadata to allow businesses to define critical terms, allowing them to search for contracts based on terms that are relevant to their business. You can even access documents from your Salesforce Dashboard, Clouds, Salesforce1 and Chatter.

Automate Workflows

G|1 Docs makes it easier to process any document within Salesforce by allowing businesses to define, formalize and adjust their workflows according to their organizational needs and providing end-to-end visibility throughout the entire document process.

Every action taken during the process is recorded into the documents history, so you know what action was taken, when, and by whom, providing a complete audit trail of the process. With documents kept in SpringCM’s central repository, there’s no need to email them back and forth. Instead, you can collaborate by sending a secure link to the document in the cloud, ensuring you’re managing a single document through the whole process.

Plus, G|1 Docs eliminates the need to comb through Accounts and Opportunities to find out what needs your attention, and instead provides a curated dashboard that serves up the information that you care about.

With this single solution for handling documents, Salesforce users can move their business forward and optimize their investment by leveraging one true document generation, management and retrieval solution.

You can see G|1 Docs in action by watching our demo here, or click the image below learn more about what it can do to drive your business.

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