How SmashFly Uses SpringCM to Work Smarter and Faster

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SmashFly is a technology company that caters to the human resources (HR) and recruiting industries. Their Recruitment Marketing Platform is the first of its kind, helping organizations make better and faster hiring decisions.

With rapid growth throughout the company, SmashFly knew they needed a solution to organize and automate various types of documents and workflows with the goal of increasing productivity and driving sales.

Marty Ahlijanian, SmashFly's Director of Contracts and Legal, recently visited the SpringCM offices to tell his SpringCM story.

Because he tells it best, we'll let you watch:


Here's the full SmashFly story.

SmashFly Needed to Lighten Legal's Workload

Fast growth, coupled with a small team was causing sales cycles and internal employee onboarding to slow. Since all agreements needed to pass through Legal, Marty and his team were struggling to keep up with the rest of the organization. The legal team needed a way to create standard templates and clauses so that Sales could generate agreements on their own and not have to wait for approvals from Legal. They also wanted to utilize the same solution for onboarding freelance hires and working with outside vendors.

Marty knew SpringCM well, as he worked with the product in two previous companies, and looked to SpringCM as a crucial component to solve Smashfly’s business challenges.

Using Workflows and Pre-approved Templates to Save Time

SpringCM solved three different use cases within SmashFly:

1. HR onboarding

2. IT and Engineering vendor management

3. Sales contracts

First, the SmashFly marketing team frequently works with freelance employees. SpringCM helps them generate consulting agreements — along with other HR and onboarding documents like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and background checks, route them using automated workflows and store the final versions in the central repository so that they can be accessed easily and securely.

Next, when SmashFly employees, particularly in the IT and Engineering departments, work with outside vendors, they use SpringCM to generate, automate and store agreements so that they can get through the vetting process and begin working with vendors faster.

Finally, Sales and Legal are using SpringCM to generate NDA’s, master service agreements and subscription agreements with their customers. Legal created a library of SmashFly’s unique clauses for contracts. This enables SmashFly sales reps to quickly generate agreements using language pre-approved by Legal. Sales can then route the agreements to customers to be e-signed and stored in SpringCM.

Doing More With Less Through Automation

With SpringCM, SmashFly's pre-approved templates for contracts are now taking the burden off of Legal. Automated approvals are speeding deals to close, accelerating business for SmashFly and their customers. The one-stop central repository makes it easy to search and locate documents and limits potential liability that might arise if documents were lost.

Marty says, “We are doing more deals than at my previous company with only half the staff. SpringCM saves us time when it comes to employee onboarding, vendor management and sales cycles with our customers. And SpringCM treats us like we’re a huge enterprise company – they always make time for us.”

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