How POPSUGAR Uses SpringCM To Keep Track of Contract Renewals

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POPSUGAR blog post image.pngYou've probably run across the on-trend content published by POPSUGAR in the course of your online reading.  What you may not know is that takes more than just writing talent and a bright editorial eye to get all of that compelling content onto and across the web. There are a tremendous number of vendor relationships that go into keeping a media enterprise of that size online and thriving.

With more than 20-years of background in IT, this is something Bjorn Pave, Senior Director of IT at POPSUGAR, knew when he came on board at POPSUGAR. But when he arrived, he found a hodgepodge of documents governing business relationships. The disorganization was a roadblock to maintaining, streamlining or upgrading services. Critical contracts were running the risk of going un-renewed without Pave having any idea about it.

“When I started with the company, I didn’t have access to any of the account contracts I was tasked with managing," Pave said. "We quickly realized that the company needed a system that provided searchability for documents, early notification for renewal dates, escalation based on dollar amounts and metadata associated with the files."

Behind the website's sleek-looking front end was a hidden tangle of contract chaos. POPSUGAR was losing time – and money – because of it. They needed an all-in-one document management solution to get things organized – and keep them that way.

Getting POPSUGAR in Order: Problems and Solutions

Pave quickly realized that document disorder causes numerous problems. With contracts residing on individual computer desktops, in shared folders and attached to emails, there were business-critical contracts that he couldn't find in order to evaluate how well they were supporting the business. 

Spending days tracing a path to where a contract might reside was a huge time sink. And perhaps most importantly, renewals were getting missed and the business was running the risk of business-critical tools going down due to contractual confusion. POPSUGAR needed a cloud-based central repository that would make sure contracts couldn't be lost or squirreled away – by accident or intentionally.  

But there were other document management features that were also critical. Mobile access to account for POPSUGAR's cutting-edge mobile workforce, and next-gen architecture to make contracts searchable by any number of terms.

POPSUGAR set out to find a single solution that would solve these document problems – and give them an organized foundation for negotiation and maintenance of all of their vendor relationships. 

Choosing SpringCM

The decision to choose SpringCM as a document management platform wasn't taken lightly. Implementing the wrong solution can cause further complication, but with SpringCM there was no doubt that it could handle all the different tasks that POPSUGAR needed it to.

Across-the-board, the current SpringCM users who POPSUGAR spoke with during their software search confirmed that every contract management need POPSUGAR had, SpringCM would handle.

POPSUGAR chose SpringCM and, like the other customers who endorsed the product to them, the media company has not been disappointed.

Never a Missed Renewal with SpringCM

SpringCM helped POPSUGAR move past the numerous inefficiencies getting in the way of effectively managing the company's IT presence.

Syncing up with POPSUGAR's existing CRM (Salesforce) and its document signing solution made sure that anyone signing deals across the enterprise – be it in house or remotely on a mobile device – landed the paperwork in the repository. Advanced search capabilities allowed anyone to find the contract they were looking for immediately. And with metadata tagging capabilities, people were now able to search on the basis of a contract's level of confidentiality, document type and expiration date.

SpringCM's ability to send automatic smart-notifications when contracts are on the way to expiring means that nothing gets overlooked – and POPSUGAR is setup to always stay on top of who they're doing business with, and how. There's never a need for a renewal that POPSUGAR doesn't know about right away.  

“Before SpringCM I would have to wait up to a week to receive a copy of a contract -- sometimes having to go to the vendor and ask for a copy," Pave said. "It was frustrating and time-consuming. Now using a simple search term I can have the needed document, and any related documents, returned in seconds.”


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