How Peak10 Achieved Zen in Their Contract Process

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In their personal lives, people often work to achieve their Zen, that state of contented openness, through meditation, yoga and other contemplative pursuits.

How Peak10 Achieved Zen in Their Contract Process.pngBut in the office there's an element of chaos native to the game. Businesses require complex, integrated technologies to do what they do. Not to mention the people – all with different skill sets – required to make a business thrive. The complicated relationships between people and technology can make "Office Zen" a difficult prospect to fathom.

But Zen is a state that can be found in a workplace – and for Peak10 + ViaWest (Peak10), the implementation of SpringCM was a critical step down the Zen path.

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Contract Chaos and the Search for Serenity

Chaos is the opposite of Zen, and when Peak10 began looking for a solution to clean up their contract process, chaos was precisely the state of those business-critical documents.

Since the company's founding in 2000, Peak10 had been handling contracts manually. Documents were typed up or pulled from templates. Contracts were sent back and forth between relevant parties as attachments to email and often even negotiated over the phone.

And from these forms of manual management arose the expected disorder. Critical contracts were buried amid lengthy email threads. Changes and additions were made with no paper trail to determine their provenance. And with multiple versions of documents flying back and forth between clients, vendors and sales staff, people were sometimes reading and signing the wrong ones.

Righting each of these wrongs in the course of doing business was costing everyone time – and costing the business money. These problems were putting management and employees alike in a mindset far from peaceful contentment – and so Peak10 sought the right solution to get this rocky flow of information streamlined.

Due diligence revealed one solution that could replace this bulky collection of processes with easy, intuitive workflows -- SpringCM.

"It was important to us to choose solutions that our end users are excited about, and SpringCM gives us that,” Jason Rader, director of process improvement at Peak10, said.

Finding the Flow with SpringCM

With the prospect of continuing to waste time and increase frustration, Peak10 needed to get SpringCM implemented fast. But it also needed to be done correctly.

Each business's contract processes – how routing workflows need to function what regulatory benchmarks need to be met and so on – is a unique beast to tame. So as SpringCM set out on the comprehensive, end-to-end project, they first helped Peak10 understand what the company needed – and how SpringCM's tools would help.

“SpringCM has been very willing to help us understand the platform and to understand what we’re asking for,” Rader said.

But it wasn't just Peak10's unique contract needs that SpringCM had to account for. As Peak10 began to undertake streamlining their contracts, the company realized that other elements of the sales process could be likewise streamlined. Peak10 wanted to integrate SpringCM with a new implementation of Salesforce's CPQ tool, so that sales staff could conveniently handle the full run of their responsibilities from creating a quote to closing a deal.

SpringCM and Salesforce were able to deliver on this together. With a successful implementation of both products in conjunction, Peak10 got rid of a few huge sources of complexity and confusion in one fell swoop.

Contract Zen: Opening the Door

A smooth flow of documents and contracts through a contract management system leads to a smooth flow of work through the office. And a smooth flow of work through the office leads to savings in time, savings in money and even a more pleasant, calmer atmosphere.

But savings – financially and psychologically – wasn't the only ROI Peak10 saw from SpringCM. The drastically increased speed and clarity of the contracting process – and control over the contracts themselves – positioned Peak10 to scale like never before.

With the recent acquisition of IT solution provider ViaWest, Peak10 has expanded its reach and size by some order of magnitude. Were Peak10 still managing their contracts manually, adding new players, new employees and new clients en masse would put an untenable strain on the system – and all the staff involved with it. But with a centralized repository, automated routing and all of the other features SpringCM has brought to the table there's no added work to accompany added business, and no limit to expansion.

Finding Zen isn't just a one-off experience -- it's a new way of looking at the world. Now that Peak10 is managing its contracts through SpringCM, smooth, intuitive workflows will always be a guiding principle.


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