How Insitu Automated Complex Proposals and Contracts with SpringCM

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For decades, government contractor Insitu has played an integral role in providing unmanned aerial vehicles to the U.S. Department of Defense.

How Insitu Automated Complex Proposals & Contracts.png The technology that Insitu was selling was leading edge, but their manual methods of managing many facets of their business felt a bit old-fashioned, and the company was starting to see the downsides.

Insitu finally got the go-ahead to take advantage of the advanced processing power, storage and convenience native to cloud-based solutions. And as Insitu became well-acquainted with how cloud-based services could automate many of their internal processes and make them easier and faster, they started seeking out vendors that would meet their needs.

But as a Federal contractor, Insitu couldn't migrate their data to just any cloud, or utilize just any cloud-based service.

Cybersecurity should, of course, be paramount in this day and age for any outfit offering cloud-based solutions. But in the world of government contractors there's not just potential security risks to contend with – there's regulatory compliance.

The solution Insitu chose had to be one that was not only taking cybersecurity seriously, but had gone through the authorization process to prove its operations met the stringent regulatory benchmarks of FedRAMP“We couldn’t even entertain the idea of going with a basic cloud vendor that didn’t meet our security requirements," said Vanessa Geddis, business systems analyst at Insitu. "SpringCM’s FedRAMP application in process was a selling point for us that other vendors couldn’t offer us.”

With Contracts as With CRM: Finding Security with SpringCM

Going down the list of business needs that could be more easily, effectively managed with a cloud-based solution, Insitu first sought out a solution to meet their CRM needs. Salesforce, with its Government Cloud offering, was an obvious choice due to its unparalleled name recognition and out of the box promise of cybersecurity compliance. Being built specifically for government clients, Salesforce Government Cloud is, of course, FedRAMP Authorized.

That left the contract side of the business. Insitu had plenty of contract-related processes that they wanted to automate using a cloud-based solution, but had to be certain that the one they were using to manage contracts and documents was just as secure and compliant as Salesforce Government Cloud would be with CRM data.

SpringCM might not have "government" in its name like the specific Salesforce cloud offering Insitu implemented, but it's as vetted for use by U.S. government clients as any solution can be. The FedRAMP authorization SpringCM has achieved indicates that just like Salesforce Government Cloud, the infrastructure and all other aspects meet the critical benchmarks for keeping the sensitive data government clients deal with safe. And so to handle contract and document needs, Insitu chose SpringCM.  

But it wasn't just the FedRAMP authorization that did the trick. Not only was SpringCM confirmed secure at the level Insitu required, it was also a solution that could meet the company's specific contracting and document needs – now and in the future.

Compliance and Automation

The company also needed a tool that could store and process some seriously long, complex documents and enable transparency for many different stakeholders at once.

The kinds of documents a business like Insitu deals with are lengthy, intricate and involved even as contracts tend to go. The contracts they deal with can reach 700 pages, and have, on average, 50 to 75 individual entities giving feedback and signing off.

Getting such massive documents all onto a central repository and making them accessible through tools that could streamline and automate vetting, routing, editing and signing wasn't a job that just any solution could manage.

Since its implementation, SpringCM has helped Insitu make those cumbersome documents easily manageable.

SpringCM: A Dynamic, Cloud-Based Solution to Grow With Its Clients

As Insitu continues to grow, the company anticipates things will change. Technology, business relationships and the like never stand still, especially not for enterprises working in such an advanced technological area. 

Insitu may find itself needing even more storage space, added contracting-related features or new automation capabilities for emerging business needs. And SpringCM has proven they will work with Insitu to meet just these types of new requirements, whatever they may be. Just as SpringCM takes government-level cybersecurity seriously, it holds providing ongoing customer service and support in just as high a regard.

"At Insitu, we have to find software that will grow and improve with us," Geddis said. "SpringCM offered us the flexibility that we needed – they are always working on the product in order to meet unique customer needs."

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