Report Highlights SpringCM Push for Digital Transformation

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Here at SpringCM, contract lifecycle management (CLM) is something we take pretty seriously. You might even say we’re obsessed! Which is why we’re not terribly surprised when the industry takes notice of the great work our customers already know we do.

digital-transformation.pngEarlier this week, the Forrester Wave report on contract lifecycle management solutions was released. Not surprisingly, SpringCM garnered some very impressive coverage:

"SpringCM becomes a player in the enterprise CLM market. From its origins as a provider of basic document-based contract management for small businesses, SpringCM has made rapid progress in converting its product into a true CLM product with the addition of clause library creation and management and support for mobile review and approval of contracts. It has increased its focus on the enterprise market, signing large clients like Accenture and NCR, leveraging a prominent position on Salesforce AppExchange, and forming a partnership with Seal Software for contract discovery and analytics."

With accolades like these, it’s clear why SpringCM is the leading CLM provider for Salesforce customers - based on AppExchange reviews - for the third straight year. We were also recently rated a G2 Crowd High Performer. It’s all part of our strategy to accelerate Digital Transformation. And that’s really at the core of what we do – taking the guesswork and headache out of the CLM process by automating outdated manual tools. SpringCM optimizes the generation, workflow, and storage of contracts, with the end result being:

  • Increased revenue of up to 9 percent
  • Reduced contract-to-close time by as much as 75 percent over using manual tools
  • Increased customer retention rate by 25 percent
  • Increased contact compliance by 55 percent
  • Decreased funnel risk by up to 10 percent

How do we do this? By increasing visibility between sales and legal teams, customers are able to head off any issues before they become problems. This means a shorter contracting timeline, which equates to quicker revenue! And when it comes to document management, SpringCM also automates that process, making teams more productive and efficient.

While legacy installed software dominates old school research, it’s the cloud that is the basis for the Digital Transformation. And as it happens, SpringCM is the only true cloud-based CLM vendor that supports sales in revenue acceleration.

As Forrester notes, mobile contract approvals are the latest innovation from SpringCM. Continuing the drive to build the next-generation CLM platform for Salesforce customers, SpringCM provides the same critical contracting tools on mobile devices. From a tablet or smartphone, Sales, Legal and Finance teams can easily monitor contracts in motion. SpringCM allows users to review and approve changes as the documents move back and forth through the process. 

Want to learn more? Join Forrester Research, Seal Software, and SpringCM on Wednesday, Aug. 10 for a webinar, “Get Control of Your Contracts! How to Use Contract Management and Analytics to Improve Your Contracting Process and Contract Results.” Our own CRO Karry Kleeman will be joined by Andrew Bartels, vice president at Forrester, and Lloyd Alexander, vice president of contract strategy at Seal Software, as they discuss the five sources of business value from contract management software. To register for this free webinar, click here.

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