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Last year, as the ramp-up began to Dreamforce, our Digital Media Guru, James Serra, had a dream of his own.

A big dream— to meet Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff – and take a selfie with him.

Plenty of people attending Dreamforce probably have hopes of shaking hands – or even getting an impromptu photo op – with Benioff. But for James, snagging that picture was about more than just showing off his industry cred to his friends. Yes, in a development rarely seen in our selfie-saturated world of social media, James was taking a selfie not solely for the sake of impressing his Twitter followers, but for a good cause.

James, with a little help from the rest of the team here at SpringCM, launched the #BenioffMeetJames hashtag to get some social support for his mission. Every time the hashtag appeared on Twitter, SpringCM donated $1 to the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. And part of the deal was that if James actually pulled off a brief audience with Benioff himself, the donation would double.

James' dream came true. And more importantly, SpringCM ended up making a donation of $10,000 to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

But James is a big dreamer. This year, his Dreamforce dream is even bigger than last year's.


#DreamWithJames: New Genes and James' New Dreamforce Dream

At Dreamforce 2018, James wants to meet every celebrity, every mover and shaker, every top tech influencer and every rock and roller. Not only that, he wants to get on stage at Dreamfest, the event's big musical performance. And once again we're helping him make it a reality – and helping James help some kids who really need it.

Just like last year, James isn't having all this fun for the fun of it. The #DreamWithJames campaign is there to support a very important, very serious cause.

SpringCM is partnering with NewGenes.org, a not-for-profit dedicated to funding innovations in gene therapy for the treatment of rare childhood diseases. Founded in 2016, the organization is currently focused on bringing gene replacement therapy to clinical trial for a rare, terminal condition known as Juvenile Batten Disease.


Gene therapies as remedies for such conditions are only just now coming to light. This burgeoning new area of science shows so much promise to help so many children -- but it needs support to get there. So for each use of the #DreamWithJames hashtag on Twitter, SpringCM will make a donation to fund this cutting-edge, lifesaving research.

And there's more …

Keep an Eye on the Orange Jean Jacket …

As James is gearing up for Dreamforce, he ran into none other than SpringCM CEO Dan Dal Degan. A rocker in his own right, "Triple Dee" as he is affectionately called around here, had an idea to make sure James comes back from Dreamforce with a piece of memorabilia everyone can appreciate.


Shortly after he touches down in San Francisco, James will start sporting a SpringCM orange jean jacket. By the time he leaves, that distinctive denim will be decorated with the autographs as many of the big names he can get to sign it. 

James' Jean Jacket Color Swap

While James prepares for Dreamforce, he can't hide the fact that he's thrilled he's going to stand out in his SpringCM orange jean jacket. Will a new development thwart his plans? 


You Can Help!

This year, James' big Dreamforce dream is once again bigger than any of us. Because a world with effective gene therapies for children suffering from rare genetic disorders is one worth dreaming about, and pushing science forward in the critical area can make it a reality.

So as you're watching James' jean-jacketed, star-studded Dreamforce trip unfold on social, make sure to tweet #DreamWithJames (and tell your friends to, too!). It's up to James to get celebrities to sign his jacket, but while he's at it we can all chip in to help with the more important part of this year's big dream.

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