Dreamforce Live Stream: 4 Must-See Keynotes

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It's the first day of Dreamforce 2017! Today and throughout the week, whether you’ve made it out to San Francisco to take in the full experience, or you're watching the Dreamforce live stream remotely from your office, you'll have the rare opportunity to absorb knowledge and insights from some of the top innovative minds.

Live Stream 500x378.pngThere are so many big names and big ideas to be found at this year's Dreamforce that having a roadmap to the highlights is critical to really dig into the experience. That's even true when it comes to selecting from the copious amount of streaming content Salesforce is making available over the next few days.

So we're helping you out – by making note of a few keynotes that piqued our interest.

The keynote sessions at Dreamforce this year will teach you about more than just one or two particular solutions' success (though you'll see that, too) – they'll give you a run-through of the most critical themes impacting the worlds of sales, technology and business, and a clear vision of how they all interrelate.

Some of these can't-miss keynotes may take you out of the area you know best and some may be right in your wheelhouse. But each one is sure to furnish you with new insights about what it means to work, and thrive, in today's enterprise landscape.

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Day 1: 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. | 
We Are All Trailblazers: Customer Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The main keynote of any conference sets the tone for the entire event – and this hotly-anticipated keynote may very well set the tone for the next century and beyond. Mark Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, is teaming up with Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of USA, Paul Cheesbrough, CTO of 21st Century Fox, Christina M. Jones, EVP of technology and creative strategy at 21st Century Fox, and Kasper Borsted, CEO of Adidas, to explain how artificial intelligence is poised to impact us all – and how it has already begun to.

As if the main keynote's title – which identifies AI as the "fourth industrial revolution," doesn't indicate just how critical this technology will be to the future, the cross-industry lineup of speakers drives the point home. From CRM to non-profit to entertainment to consumer products, everyone's eyes are on the coming wave of AI. And just as it's going to impact every industry, it's going to impact every job role. So watch this keynote and see what's on the horizon, and start thinking about how you yourself can be a trailblazer in our brave new AI-enabled world.

Day 2: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. | 
Healthcare and Life Sciences Keynote: Trailblazing a New Path

Health care technology and innovation is moving at an incredible pace today. Miracles are performed in the clinic and operating room that were the stuff of science fiction 10 years ago. Big Data-based health messaging can detect trends on the level of population. And cloud-based services and solutions tie everything together and make it possible.

And that's why this keynote is bound to offer some applicable takeaways -- whether you're directly involved in the healthcare space or just (like everyone) an inevitable beneficiary of the innovations made available. Humana and Mount Sinai Health System will be on hand to discuss how smartly-deployed, cloud-based CRM technology is poised to make the hospital world unprecedentedly efficient and allow providers to deliver cost-effective, nextgen patient care. And health care partner Ashfield will be on hand to tackle how the right type of sales is equally key to making life better for patients.

Day 2: 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. | 
Trailhead Keynote: Reinvent Learning and Enablement

What is Trailhead? It's a system that takes the most cutting-edge innovations in gamified learning and applies them to Salesforce skills. So no matter what your background or level of tech-savvy is going in, by the time you're moving up the ranks in Trailhead, you're turning into a guru at using the world's most robust cloud-based CRM platform.

How does Trailhead make it happen, and how can you leverage it? This keynote will teach you everything you need to know.

Day 3: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. | 
Salesforce Analytics Keynote: Complete Analytics Powered by Einstein

The buzz around analytics just doesn't stop, and that's because capturing the right kind of data from interactions is the foundation of streamlining – and of success. In this keynote, Keri Brooks, VP Product Marketing at Salesforce and Ketan Karkhanis, SVP and GM Analytics Cloud at Salesforce, are joined by top execs from Shazam, Year Up and Key Bank to show how Salesforce is taking those mountains of data generated every day and milling them into valuable, actionable, indispensable insights.

Taking this dive into analytics will show you just how much we can draw and determine from data these days and open your mind to the whole cross-industry conversation of how data can help us make the right choices – the ones that keep customers satisfied, streamline operations and boost ROI.

Or Explore the Dreamforce Live Stream on Your Own... 

The keynotes we've mentioned above are only a few of the sessions that Salesforce is making available to stream. So if you're watching from home, explore the full roster of what will be hitting your screen from Dreamforce – blaze your own trail through the information, and see for yourself where the future will take us!

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