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Yesterday, another Dreamforce came to a close. And just like everyone who attended, we learned a ton, saw a ton and got an in-person preview not just of where Salesforce and their partners are headed, but where technology as a whole – and even the world – might be taking us sooner than later.

And while we can't bring you the whole Dreamforce 2017 experience (as much as we'd like to), what we did bring back to share is some pictures of the vendor booths that we really loved.

So take a look at some of the most fantastic booths we had the privilege of interacting with, and get a feel for how each vendor turned its ever-so-humble bit of floor space into an experience that announced its brand's look and feel, drew the attention and the eyeballs of busy, bustling Dreamforce-goers and got their feet to follow.

1. Prezi

Prezi booth at Dreamforce 2017

Prezi is a vendor that prides itself on letting people make their professional presentations eye-catching and intuitive. And they certainly carried the concept of eye-catching presentation into their booth design with this unmistakably Cookie Monster-esque upholstery. It was obvious before you even read the slogans on this fun, furry booth that this brand is making good on promises like defeating dullness and banishing blah. But it wasn’t just the texture of the textile that made this one stick out – those three eyeballs, left, right and center certainly played a part in grabbing our attention. They looked at us, and we looked back!

2. Outreach

Outreach booth at Dreamforce 2017

Sales can be a long climb to success, and a good sales enablement solution is a strong foothold. So when we saw that Outreach had furnished its booth with the familiar façade of a climbing wall, we immediately appreciated the metaphor. But on a less hifalutin level, it's also just a cool booth design. It pulls you in with its visual reference to one of the favorite pastimes of fit gym-goers, and it keeps you there with one of those soothing, interesting color schemes that makes you want to meander.

3. Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital booth at Dreamforce 2017

When you're a wing of a company as massive and multifaceted as Deloitte, and you go to a show as gigantic as Dreamforce, it's a given that you're going to go all-out. And so Deloitte Digital did. The look and feel of the booth and its accompany digital screens made you really believe, like the signs indicated, that "The Future is Here." And you're not mistaken in thinking that the guy in the middle of it all is a DJ – Deloitte Digital had him there playing chill ambient beats to keep the energy flowing steadily. 

4. Bluewolf

IBM:Bluewolf booth at Dreamforce 2017

In the course of doing business, IBM-owned Salesforce consulting firm Bluewolf leverages data gathered by everyone's favorite Jeopardy-winning AI, Watson, in all sorts of fascinating ways. And that's something we and the rest of the visitors at Dreamforce were able to get an inside view of, with a real-life, real-time demonstration of Watson itself at the company's booth. But it wasn't just the big data that grabbed us. Bluewolf booth's reactive floor made each step a visitor took a part of its custom light show, making just the act of moving around an exciting element of the experience.

5. Google Cloud

Google Cloud booth at Dreamforce 2017

Of course you can count on Google, with that famously simple but unmistakable logo made up of multi-colored letters, to nail it when it comes to iconography. And Google Cloud's Dreamforce booth didn't disappoint, with a clean, minimal, cloud-like installation hanging up above that somehow said it all – ease of use, lightning-fast data transfers, next-gen apps, unparalleled reliability – with a simple work of geometric abstraction.

6. Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts booth at Dreamforce 2017

We all know that the Girl Scouts is an awesome and empowering organization. But while we love the mission, we can't deny that at least part of the excitement when we see the Girl Scouts logo comes from the possibility that they'll have their "flagship product" on hand. So yes, we're excited about how Girl Scouts has been leveraging technology to bring the experience of selling cookies into the 21st century, so the young women doing the selling can start building business skills that apply to today's entrepreneurial world. When we saw the booth, though, we just wanted the cookies. And can you believe it? The Girl Scouts somehow saw it coming – they had plenty of cookies on hand.

Honorable Mention: SpringCM

SpringCM booth.jpeg

It may be a shameless plug, but we feel the SpringCM booth should definitely be included in this elite group. The goal for our booth was to have an open floor plan that was full of energy, convey our brand and intrigue guests. Our Work Flows message was everywhere including the overhead circular sign as well as displayed on our video walls. The looping waterfall video engaged and mesmerized all who walked by, and created an appropriately zen mood as a counterpoint to the frenetic energy of the Dreamforce expo. The translucent pillars were illuminated with changing colors, including our signature orange, and our staff was donned in orange throughout Dreamforce, spreading positive energy everywhere!

One of our Account Executives, Monica Peterson, shared that she, “loved seeing current customers’ eyebrows raise when they saw our booth and our team’s pride in showing off our team and booth to prospects.” This was a huge event for SpringCM, and we are all thrilled to have met so many great folks from around the world, and inspired for what’s to come

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