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Victor Cizinauskas

Victor Cizinauskas

| Contract Management Expert

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Contract Management

Does your finance team need contract management software?

Consider your finance team's role in your organization. They are the math-heads, the accounting gurus, the goal-makers and your go-to department for all things numerical. Now, consider the same numerical side of contract management. It's more than saved time and increased sales productivity. If you show your finance team the data yielded by a...

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5 Early Warning Signs of a Revenue-Losing Contract Process

Congratulations! You’ve made the sale. Your new client has agreed that your product is the answer to their corporate needs and now all you need to do is send them the contract to sign. But wait. ... Continue Reading

Aragon Research: "Mobile Is More Than File, Sync and Share"

It’s no secret that mobile is changing the way people access content. Just last week, industry analyst firm Aragon Research underscored this issue in a report on Mobile Content Management, saying... Continue Reading

How NCR was saved by the cloud

How your company handles the contracts lifecycle says a lot to your customers about their upcoming experience working with your company. Some questions your contracts process answers: How well... Continue Reading

3 e-Signature features necessary for contract management

What is your sales team's favorite part of selling?       The signature!  As the famous movie quote states: “Because only one thing counts in this life: Get them to sign on the line which is dotted.” Continue Reading

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Contract Management: 3 ways to add value to Salesforce

There are plenty of important documents in the cloud today. Businesses continue to turn to the cloud to solve complex process pains, and contracts lifecycle management is moving to the forefront. Continue Reading

A brief history of "the cloud"

More than a great, big filing cabinet in the sky  Remember when “in the cloud” referred only to rain or angels? Wasn’t that long ago. As our Aunt Sue says: “You mean there’s some mysterious place... Continue Reading