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Contract Management

What is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

The sales landscape is constantly changing and it’s up to companies to keep up with evolving technology that can improve the selling process. Digital transformation is accelerating sales productivity by connecting tools and processes, leveraging mobile technology to allow people to work from anywhere, and providing in-depth analysis into an...

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Why Your Contract Management and CRM Tools Must Be Integrated

Implementing software piecemeal, rather than as part of a unified strategy, is a perennial problem for businesses of all sizes – and it's an understandable one. Companies scale, they change and,... Continue Reading

How Small Businesses Should Manage Contracts

When competing with larger companies, smaller businesses are challenged to provide large-scale service to it’s customers. The problem is keeping up with time and cost, something smaller companies... Continue Reading

4 Reasons You Can't Trust Google Drive to Manage Contracts

Organizations are always watching their bottom line and looking for ways to make their business processes less expensive. It’s no surprise that companies would turn to cheaper, or free platforms... Continue Reading

4 Processes Improved with Automated Contract Management

Whether you’re a Fortune 50 company or a startup with a dozen employees, you're not making money without contracts. A signed contract representing new business, and new revenue, is something to be... Continue Reading

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What do contract management and basketball have in common?

After watching the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, I realized how a Sports Team is no different from a Sales Team. With both teams, everyone has their own role yet shares a common goal of ... Continue Reading

A Review of the Best Contract Management Software

As a Business Development Representative here at SpringCM, each week I speak to hundreds business professionals that are looking for Contract Management solutions. Every conversation is different... Continue Reading