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Teju Deshpande

Teju Deshpande

Senior Director, Morae Legal

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Contract Management

Reduce Contractual Risk the Right Way

It may surprise you to hear that reducing risk is not a natural consequence of using contract management software. Yes, great software can provide you with centralized documentation, version control, security controls, supervisory roles, alerts and more. But it can only help you facilitate compliance and reduce risk if you know how you want to...

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Bad Contract Management Creates Risk and Revenue Loss

  Contracts are complicated. Not only for salespeople and customers, but for legal departments and firms, too. You have the important role of providing expertise for these complicated... Continue Reading

The ONLY Technology Plan and Checklist You Will Need to Optimize Your Law Department

Today, you’re evaluated on your ability to deliver the highest level of legal services at the lowest possible cost – and, increasingly, you’re expected to deliver these results quickly. ... Continue Reading

Contracts and Commercial Excellence: Building and Managing an Optimized Contract Lifecycle

Most organizations today manage their contract management function through a combination of skilled lawyers, processes (either manual or automated) and contract management technology (ranging from... Continue Reading