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Kristi Cox

Kristi Cox

Customer and Partner Marketing Specialist, SpringCM

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Customer Stories

How The National Park Foundation is Accomplishing Its Mission Through Digital Transformation

These days, government organizations and their private-sector partners are hot topics. Specifically, organizations dedicated to protecting the environment have received more press and public support. But for any organization, increased prominence brings new demands. It was this situation that the National Park Foundation (the NPF) was facing...

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Introducing Our Customer MVPs

Exceptional customer experience is a hot topic in the tech industry-- and for good reason. More and more, companies are realizing the value of putting their customers first. Designing easy-to-use... Continue Reading

The Complete List of July 2018 Product Updates

With July’s product updates, we're continuing to meet the changes constantly coming down the pike of the fast-paced contract and document management world with a smarter, sleeker, more streamlined... Continue Reading

Introducing SpringCM's Customer Community, Momentum

Sometimes the answers to critical questions can hide in plain sight. Everyone has had the experience of hammering away at a tough problem in isolation, only to have others offer a fresh... Continue Reading

How Iron Mountain Securely Scaled Its Contract Process

All sorts of enterprises need records stored, and for well over half a century, secure storage has been the raison d'être of Iron Mountain. The company has, in that timespan, developed a gigantic... Continue Reading

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How OmniTRAX is Enhancing the Customer Experience with SpringCM

More companies than you might imagine rely on rail. Whether it's e-commerce packages traveling cross-country to get sorted and positioned for last-mile local delivery, or commodities traveling... Continue Reading

Customer Highlight: Rise Interactive’s Journey to a Streamlined Contract Management Process

Many organizations use shared documents to collaborate. But any process can break down when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. How about when there are 12 people working in the same... Continue Reading

The Complete List of December Product Updates

Even though the year is coming to a close, at SpringCM we never stop making improvements to our product. Once again, we've listened seriously to what our customers told us through their feedback... Continue Reading

Salesforce Pledge 1%: 3 Ways Corporate America is Giving Back

There has been an important, growing realization spreading through the corporate world lately – especially in the tech sector. The realization is that all the creation, the innovation and the... Continue Reading

How Email Marketing Company Emma Automates Purchasing With SpringCM and Salesforce

For any company, years of success and growth are, of course, a good thing. But with scale, organizations can experience growing pains. Such was the case with Emma, Inc., an email marketing company... Continue Reading