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Katie Gutwein

Katie Gutwein

Inbound Marketing Manager at SpringCM
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How One SpringCM Partner is Helping Customers Prepare for GDPR

Here at SpringCM, we work hard to build strategic partnerships with best-in-class software and service companies that work with us to bring even more value to our customers. Morae Global is one of those strategic partners. They’re an integrated solution provider for the legal and compliance function around the world. And as an advisory...

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These Are a Few Of Our Favorite Springs [Video]

2017 was a big year for SpringCM. From our first ever Customer Summit to our involvement in Pledge 1%, some pretty awesome product updates, our biggest Dreamforce to date, the #BenioffMeetJames... Continue Reading

Benioff Met James (And It Was Awesome)

Leading up to Dreamforce 2017, we launched a campaign to help our Digital Media Guru, James Serra, meet Marc Benioff. Using the hashtag #BenioffMeetJames and a series of videos, we spread... Continue Reading

Dreamforce Live Stream: 4 Must-See Keynotes

  It's the first day of Dreamforce 2017! Today and throughout the week, whether you’ve made it out to San Francisco to take in the full experience, or you're watching theDreamforce live stream... Continue Reading

Help #BenioffMeetJames at Dreamforce 2017

If you follow SpringCM on Twitter, you’ve likely seen our tweets using the hashtag #BenioffMeetJames. If you’re not familiar with the campaign, here’s a quick background: Dreamforce 2017 is James... Continue Reading

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An Interview with SpringCM’s Chief Product Officer - “The future of SpringCM is exciting.”

I’m a self-professed nerd. It’s part of what drew me to the role I’m in today. I’m passionate about marketing and technology. I love having access to a development team that is doing tireless... Continue Reading


3 Key Takeaways from the 2017 Gartner CRM Vendor Guide

The trend of digitally-deployed CRM solutions becoming foundational to ever-more-varied elements of the business landscape is a longstanding one – and it's no surprise that it is continuing to... Continue Reading

State of Contract Management 2017: 3 Takeaways

Like many facets of business in our perpetually wired world, contracts are getting more complex, more numerous and more indispensable to doing business. And as this year's State of Contract... Continue Reading

5 Best Practices for Redlining Contracts

The negotiating phase of a contract is often considered the most important. In a process known as redlining, both parties mark the contract to show additions, deletions, approvals, rejections or... Continue Reading

How To Solve Your Biggest Contract Repository Problems

For years, your paradigm for managing contracts was hardly a paradigm at all. Someone within your organization would sign a contract and it would get stuck in a filing cabinet – not to be thought... Continue Reading