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Getting to the Issues with Contracts and Elections

By John Dickow

  November 3, 2016        Contract Management

At SpringCM, we like to keep things light, and so just for kicks we thought it would be fun to see how many similarities we could find between the election cycle and the contract management lifecycle.  Of course when it comes to contract management, SpringCM has a solution that can make the process much easier for everyone involved.  Sadly, we can’t say the same about elections!

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10 Statistics Every Sales Manager Should Understand

By John Dickow

  June 16, 2016        Sales Enablement

The sales process is complicated and among other things, sales managers must constantly be checking in on their sales process, looking for ways to optimize and accelerate sales productivity.

In order to make improvements to the sales process, it's imperative that you understand the state of your current process. Additionally, knowing industry and technology trends used to advance sales productivity helps to understand what could be improved. These insights can help answer common questions for sales managers, like where does your sales process slow down, which proposals are winning, and which are losing, and what other methodologies are working or not?

To help find the answers to these questions, here are ten powerful statistics that every sales manager should understand when it comes to overhauling your sales process and accelerating sales productivity:

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SFWT: Grow Faster with Connected Sales and Service

By John Dickow

  March 24, 2016        SpringCM Partners, Sales Enablement

McCormick Place in Chicago is bustling this afternoon with Salesforce customers and partners, all with a similar goal; sell more in less time.

A major theme at today’s Salesforce World Tour in Chicago is customer service. In fact, according to Todd Enders, Sr. Director of the Service Cloud, customer service trumps both price and product in today’s selling world. It’s now seen as the number one way to acquire and retain revenue.

In Enders’ breakout session, “Grow Your Business By Connecting Sales and Service,” he spotlights the changing customer service landscape and provides actionable steps for businesses to keep up, and continue growing.

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3 Steps to Improve Contract Collaboration with Legal

By John Dickow

  February 16, 2016        Contract Management, Legal

It’s in a company’s best interest to shorten the sales cycle, close deals quickly, and make room for more deals and more revenue. This, along with reaching quota and commission, is the ultimate goal for a salesperson.

The salesperson is in control of the contract through most of the sales cycle. It’s their responsibility to usher the contract through each step of the contract lifecycle. So you can imagine things can get tense when Sales needs to hand the contract off to another stakeholder, like Legal, for contract reviews. Contract reviews will take all the time that is necessary to identify risks in a contract, but this time-frame can derail a salesperson’s plans to close the deal.

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SpringCM January Release: “Usability Improvements Across the Board”

By John Dickow

  January 22, 2016        SpringCM Product

In the last year, SpringCM has released groundbreaking products to expand its content management platform. After speaking with Steven Jones, VP of Product Development, it looks like SpringCM is poised to have yet another big year.

JD: For this month’s release, you’re not talking about just one product?

SJ: That’s right, this month we’re focused on usability improvements across the board. We’ve ended an incredible year of innovation for SpringCM. For January, we’re moving the platform forward on many fronts, with our new Microsoft 365 Add-In to assist in document creation and clause management, and further enhancements to our products already on the AppExchange, File It and Track It.

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Contract Management: 3 Ways to Ensure Maximum ROI

By John Dickow

  January 7, 2016        Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a fairly new way businesses are accomplishing more in the contract process, in less time. The general benefit to businesses handling a high-volume of contracts is that they save money in the long-run.

Businesses expect a Return on Investment (ROI) after purchasing a CLM solution, but in reality can only maximize their ROI if their solution streamlines key areas of the contract lifecycle.

Before purchasing any contract solution, make sure it provides these three benefits:

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How To Cut Employee Contract Management in Half

By John Dickow

  December 22, 2015        Contract Management

We blog often about sales contracts, and how they hold important data that leads to revenue for a business. Other contracts outside of sales also hold extremely important data. If you work with employment contracts, you understand that you’re dealing with confidential data that is critical to protecting a business from certain risks.

Mishandling employee data can lead to lawsuits that are expensive and damaging to a company’s reputation, such as breaches in non-compete clauses or NDAs because they were insufficient or never existed in the first place, or wrongful termination suits filed against you because employment contracts failed to to provide enough detail in the employment terms.

HR departments could be dealing with hundreds of contracts at a given time.

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3 Excuses to Give a Selfish Gift

By John Dickow

  December 18, 2015        Sales Enablement

We think of holiday shopping as a time to think only of other people, which follows the traditional spirit of Christmas. At the same time we associate this season with stress, being strapped for time and caught up tying up loose ends at work. What if you could shop in a way that took care of others and yourself?

One answer, is giving a selfish gift. That means giving someone a gift that you intend to use or borrow, that could improve the quality of life.

In fact, 55.8 percent said in a November survey that they plan to take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts to make purchases for themselves over the holidays.

It sounds selfish, but in the right situations it could be just what you need to get through the final stretch of the holidays.  

Here are 3 legitimate excuses to get a selfish gift this year:

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The Data is Strong in Your Contracts

By John Dickow

  December 17, 2015        Document Management, Contract Management

In approximately 8 hours from publishing this blog post, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will hit theaters.  

You probably know that already, since these movies are so big tonight’s release is rivalling Christmas Day (for me at least).

Maybe it’s me having just binged on the previous 6 Star Wars films (in preparation for tonight), but I’ve noticed the overall theme of the movies are pretty broad and can be applied to many of the challenges we face.

In the Star Wars films, “The Force” is a universal, metaphysical power that controls everything and binds people together. In the end, it’s a balance of power and responsibility. The same lessons can be applied to our lives, at home or at work.

At SpringCM, there is something we treat like The Force. Data is what drives our business decisions and tells us which path to take to reach greater productivity and revenue.

Here are 4 reasons you should treat the data in your contracts like The Force:

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Why Your Data Needs Documents

By John Dickow

  December 10, 2015        Contract Management

DATA. We hear this word so many times that it begins to sound like white noise. With today’s technology, it’s easy to forget how reliant we are on data in everyday life. We use data to help decide the clothes we wear every day (by checking the weather) or to keep in touch with friends and loved ones (through contact lists and social media).

For any business, data is just as important. It drives the decisions a company makes to eventually recognize revenue.

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