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Erik Severinghaus

Erik Severinghaus

Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Global Alliances at SpringCM

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U.S. Companies, Here's Why GDPR Has to Be On Your Radar

People conducting business globally are more aware than anyone that the world is much smaller than it used to be. Economic developments on the other side of the world can impact not just the massive multi-nationals, but small startups making a go of it in a global economy. Still, when it comes to an announcement about something like a...

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What is Personal Data Under GDPR?

In the world of compliance, businesses have to be on-point in their understanding of what's being asked of them to avoid costly liability. And to know what they're expected to do, they need to... Continue Reading

Study Shows that Law Firms Aren't Prepared for GDPR

According to a tweet by security blogger Graham Cluley, only a quarter of law firms in the UK report being ready for GDPR. And that doesn't mean that they're not ready to advise other businesses... Continue Reading

3 Things to Know About GDPR Regulations | SpringCM

There's a reason that there are so many blogs and resources circulating around as people try to make sense of the EU GDPR requirements – it's a substantive regulation with many demands and nuances. Continue Reading

Understanding the Impact of GDPR

GDPR was implemented by the EU to protect the personal data of EU citizens from data breaches and other forms of misuse, and to hold enterprises that control or process that data accountable for... Continue Reading

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Forrester Reports "Contract Lifecycle Management Drives Significant Benefits."

For many companies that implement a contract management solution, having a central, cloud-based place online to store contracts is a huge leap forward. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Prepare for ASC 606

Things are changing in the world of revenue recognition, and if it's something you haven't been paying attention to personally, your finance or accounting department undoubtedly has. For... Continue Reading