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Antonis Papatsaras

Antonis Papatsaras

| CTO | Saas Guru

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5 Steps to Successfully Introduce Change at Your Company

Effective change management is a vital part of any business. Often, change management is focused on recalibrating your internal teams to meet changing customer needs. No matter the industry or department, new processes can be fairly easy to introduce, but difficult to reinforce. But with a good process for introducing and implementing changes,...

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The Future is Here

Technology has come a long way in the past 15 years. Smartphones, cloud computing, and the connected world have changed the way we live our lives and do business on a daily basis. Continue Reading

Mobile Devices: One Size Fits All to All Sizes Fit One

As described in the prior blog post, working from anywhere, anytime is now the norm for most professionals. Underlying this trend is the wide array of devices available, most even supported, for... Continue Reading

Mobile and Where We Work - Anytime, Anyplace

For most of us, our workspace is no longer limited to, or even defined by our physical office or cubicle.    The previous blog post on mobile noted how quickly the latest in organization and... Continue Reading

Mobile and Organization: Everything Has Changed

Everything has changed.   Maybe a little dramatic, but the transformation in how we work is astonishing.  The world of clear lines between work and personal life, just a few technology choices and... Continue Reading

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