An Interview with SpringCM’s Executive VP of Services

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At SpringCM, our customers' success is our success, and we consider our customers a part of the SpringCM family.

Interview with SpringCM Executive VP of Services

From our product releases to strategizing a rollout to ongoing customer support, we're involved and invested in our customers every step of their journey.

So that's why we're especially excited about our Executive VP of Services, Scott Springgate. Scott's entire 25-year career has been dedicated to precisely the kind of customer-facing care we promote at SpringCM.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Scott and discuss how a focus on customer success has been a continuous theme in the story of his career, and what our customers can expect here at SpringCM through his years of wisdom and experience.

Can you share a brief history of your career?

Scott: I started my career at Siebel Systems, one of the biggest names in CRM software (which was eventually acquired by Oracle). I grew in various roles at that company for over a decade – Customer Success, Consulting, Strategy, and so on. Having a broad range of experience in a company like Siebel at that time in technology's history allowed me to get in on the ground-floor of customer-facing solutions.

Tell me about how you came to focus on customer success

Scott: In those early, formative days at Siebel Systems, we pioneered a company culture oriented around attaining our customers' business outcomes. It was a central focus for everyone in the company.

We gauged how we were doing by how well our customers were able to achieve their business objectives. And since facilitating those business outcomes was our biggest priority, we instituted innovative programs that kept a constant feedback loop of improvement going between us and our customer. We worked in partnership with our customers to measure their gains, taking steps to improve our solutions based on that, and assessing again.

With a full company's worth of dedication and momentum behind us, there was a vibrant and successful synergy between us and the customer. It was in that positive environment that I really learned that customer success should always be a priority.

What attracted you to SpringCM?

Scott: I've spent a long time in the Chicago technology scene, and so SpringCM has long been on my radar. I’ve watched it emerge as one of biggest players in that next generation of software-as-a-service solutions. I have a deep relationship with the company's leaders, and it has been very exciting to see the company grow. Given my focus on customer satisfaction and the company's innovative pursuit of customer success, it seemed like a natural fit.

Why are professional services so important to a customer’s success?

Scott: Customers look to flexibly achieve strategic business objectives, not features and functions. At the end of the day they're not just interested in "a contract repository" or "a platform" or a particular contract management tool – they're interested in implementing something that will meet their needs and that they'll see a benefit (and ROI) from. Professional services, to put it simply, are what keep the outcomes coming.

Our customer's journey starts with their conversation or interaction with us. From there, the outcomes start. And the customer journey, of course, continues beyond implementation. The launch of an instance of SpringCM is just the first day of the longest leg of the journey.

Along that part of the customer journey, professional services helps customers assess their emerging objectives and determines how to meet them. We continue to meet these objectives and provide the outcomes the customer is seeking. To keep succeeding, we have to keep evolving – and professional services allows SpringCM and our customers to do that together.

We help the customer define and succeed at new objectives, and the satisfied customer continues to renew and above all, to trust us.

What are your high-level goals for professional services at SpringCM?

Scott: I'd like to help the great employees at SpringCM continue to develop themselves and their skills. Setting people up for growth and success means challenging people to step out of their comfort zone. And likewise, I'd like them to pull me (or even drag me) out of my own comfort zone. We've talked about how customer success is the ultimate gauge of our success as a company. But it's also important to know that employees who are happy with their own levels of success and growth are the ones who provide top-tier service, and that makes a happier customer.

In terms of what we're providing together as a team, I'd like to double down on the commitment to technical skills delivery, program leadership, change management, improved feedback gathering and other elements that add value to our customer relationships and really tighten that bond between SpringCM and the customer.

The ball has started rolling with a lot of these initiatives – I'm looking forward to taking them to the next level!

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