5 Habits of Successful SpringCM Admins

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Like any tool, SpringCM is most powerful when it's in the hands of someone who really knows how to use it.

habits of successful springcm adminsThat's why I consider a skilled administrator to be the heart and soul of the SpringCM experience.

SpringCM is an ever-evolving solution. Ideally, it's a living part of any business where it's implemented – always growing to meet a company's changing needs; always aiming to make document and contract processes more efficient, convenient and seamless. And a good, active, engaged SpringCM administrator is critical to making this a reality.

So if your company has implemented, or is considering implementing, SpringCM, and you want to get the most out of the platform, setting your administrator up for success is the first step toward really taking advantage of all the value SpringCM offers. Below are five habits of highly successful SpringCM administrators to help you do just that.

Habit 1: Take the Training

In today's fast-paced, demanding workplace, time is at a premium, and the natural tendency – especially among the technologically sophisticated – is to backburner trainings and just dive into managing a solution. But no matter how busy you may be, for SpringCM administrators, it's always worthwhile to carve aside some time to get trained.

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Sure, we've built the SpringCM interface with user-friendliness in mind, but the kind of organized training we offer teaches administrators how to take that streamlined user experience to the next level. SpringCM is a powerful tool, and having structured guidance on how to best use those advanced features can help an administrator understand even more exciting ways to leverage it. Our subject matter experts have expertise that they're eager to share, making SpringCM trainings far more engaging than just a standard feature walkthrough.

But the value of a SpringCM administrator training goes beyond just getting instruction. SpringCM administrators bring together all the document-centric business processes within an enterprise – they're the center-point of that whole internal team. But they are also part of another team – the team of all the SpringCM administrators out there. Through our trainings, they can get to know that team better – can hear about the document-related issues all the other companies using SpringCM are facing and the tricks they're figuring out, and breakthroughs they're having, to manage their documents better.

Habit 2: Understand the Ticketing Process

One of the features of SpringCM our users appreciate the most is how convenient we've made it to get customer assistance with our new ticketing process – a process with which administrators should be well acquainted.

When administrators run into a question, they should first search our robust user community for an answer. Once they've done that, contacting customer support via our web-based form and opening a ticket is the way to go. We've got a meticulously organized system in place tailored to getting administrators the information they need, or the fixes they require, as quickly as possible.

Since we implemented our ticketing forms, we've experienced a notable increase in the speed of resolution of customer services tickets. Whether it's by phone, email or web, the last 1,000 tickets we've processed have been resolved 11 percent faster, and there's been a 17 percent decrease in comments per ticket. Handling things this way is better for business – and less stress on the administrator too.

Habit 3: Let Us Help With Delegated Access

What's the best way to get a problem with SpringCM fixed? In some cases, it's to let us remote in and fix it. We realize there's a lot of trust that goes into this, but we're here for you to trust. So if an administrator is running into a complaint that looks like it requires a lot of technical legwork, granting us limited-time access is a way to get that ticket wrapped quickly.

Habit 4: Treat SpringCM Administration as a Dedicated Position

While it might be tempting to just hand off the SpringCM administrator role to whoever happens to be free on a given day, the most successful SpringCM customers have a dedicated person (or a small team) fill the admin role.

A SpringCM administrator is your company’s point person with us, and our point person with you. Part of getting the most out of SpringCM comes from building strong relationships between you and us, and that starts with a good rapport between us and your administrator. One or two people who really know the solution, acting as liaisons, get problems resolved and needs met more quickly than having people jump in to pinch hit as problems arise.

Habit 5: Always Be Ready for the Next Release

One of the things that set SpringCM apart from other document and contract management solutions is that we pride ourselves on constant improvement. But dynamism means that things do change. We take pains to make sure that the upgrades we make from version to version are what data and feedback tell us our users need. But we recognize that even slight changes to an interface can mean slight changes in ways of doing things.

The last thing we want is for users to be thrown out of their groove by an upgrade, or for a change to the way the solution integrates with their internal IT to break something and lead to downtime. So a successful SpringCM administrator will read our emails about upcoming functional changes to the platform and communicate the impending changes to the appropriate internal teams.

In fact, we recommend that the administrator experiment with the rollouts in a staging environment (which we offer free access to) before they go live, in order to make sure that each iteration is just as functional as the last. Whether you're an SMB or a huge enterprise, we fully support your SpringCM administrator working with IT to test out every upgrade first and make sure it's up to spec before it goes live.

The SpringCM Administrator: A Power-User And …

As these suggestions for SpringCM administrators illustrate, we want our SpringCM administrators to be power-users – and a whole lot more. Yes, they have to understand technology, workflow and internal processes. But they're also liaisons – and hopefully, they're also solution advocates and brand evangelists, communicating document needs to us, and value back to you. This model lets us continue engineering a solution that maximizes efficiency and makes life easier – and more profitable – for everyone.

It may sound like a challenge – but by taking the reins, your SpringCM administrator can help us help you make sure that there's never a moment when you're not experiencing the full process-streamlining benefits of SpringCM.

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