Introducing This Year's State of Contract Management Survey [Video]

Topics: Contract Management

Four years ago, inspired by some really great State of... research reports and our own curiosity, we set out to set out to develop our own piece of original research focused on the contract management process.

What started as somewhat of a content experiment has grown into one of our most downloaded assets, and something that I, personally, look forward to each year.

Take me to the 2018 survey >>

This year, we've challenged ourselves to dig deeper into the survey results to develop a piece that's incredibly useful for a wide range of companies, and we need your help.


Video Transcript

SpringCM's 4th Annual State of Contract Management Survey is back.

Each year, the SpringCM team polls hundreds of professionals to learn about their contract management process.

That’s where you come in. We’d like you to contribute to this year’s report.

We'll glean insight into things like What’s working? What isn’t working? And how does a poor contract management process affect the overall health of your business?

The first 800 survey respondents will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, and everyone who participates in the survey will get early access to this year’s report.

Just click the link and take the survey!

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