SpringCM 2016 Year in Review

By Team SpringCM

  January 9, 2017        SpringCM Product

2016 was a great year at SpringCM! We introduced several new features to help you work smarter and faster. As we look forward to 2017, we want to reprise some of last year’s highlights - just in case you missed them!

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SpringCM 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide

By Team SpringCM

  December 16, 2016        Office Fun

It’s that time again! As the holidays approach, office parties and “Secret Santa” gift exchanges abound. SpringCM has been shopping for the perfect, quirky-cool office gifts you didn’t know you needed - just in time to give your favorite co-worker or office spouse.

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How to Solve the Problem of Contract Version Control

By Michele Curley

  November 29, 2016        Contract Management

Things can go wrong with any job, in any industry. Human error, miscommunications and sometimes just bad luck can throw off the best laid plans.

For an organization that relies on contracts to define their business, when things go wrong, it can mean a prolonged contract process, extra costs, delayed revenue - or in the worst scenarios - a lost deal.

Depending on its size, an organization could have tens to thousands of contracts in motion - with many requiring edits and approvals before they can be signed. With so many edits being shared, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. Often, the wrong version of a contract can accidentally be introduced into the process. Whether the contract was wrong from the moment it was generated, or got mixed up during the redlining process, having the wrong version of a contract can dramatically delay a deal. Instead of selling, time is then spent tracing the contract back to see where things went wrong. Sometimes you don’t realize the contract is outdated until it’s too late.

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Getting to the Issues with Contracts and Elections

By John Dickow

  November 3, 2016        Contract Management

At SpringCM, we like to keep things light, and so just for kicks we thought it would be fun to see how many similarities we could find between the election cycle and the contract management lifecycle.  Of course when it comes to contract management, SpringCM has a solution that can make the process much easier for everyone involved.  Sadly, we can’t say the same about elections!

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5 Contract Management Nightmares

By Team SpringCM

  October 28, 2016        Contract Management

Looking for a good scare this Halloween? Forget about the ghost stories and scary movies. We're talking about real-life scenarios affecting the lives of sales people, managers, general counsel, and IT departments.  

Contract nightmares.   

They can cause unnecessary psychological trauma to salespeople when quotas and sales goals aren't met. Plus, corporate lawyers can be stuck on the Nightmare on Risk Street if the proper protocols aren't set properly for contract reviews and approvals.    

Grab a pillow to hide behind. Here are 5 contract management nightmares. 

"The contract stories you are about to read are based on real events..."

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The Importance of Trademark Registration

By Eric S. Freibrun

  October 20, 2016        Legal

If your company does business in the U.S., registering your company’s trademarks and service marks in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an essential investment in your business.  Trademarks and service marks are the names or symbols by which a company – and its products and services – are known in the marketplace.  They serve to distinguish one company’s products and services from those of another, and become imbued with the qualities that define the reputation of the company and what it sells in the minds of consumers.  For example, when one sees or hears the terms Facebook® or Disney® or Wells Fargo® or Trump® – all registered trademarks or service marks in the USPTO – one has certain thoughts, positive or negative, which ultimately affect the commercial fortunes of the companies that sell goods and services under those marks.  (The terms “trademark” or “mark” are used from this point forward to refer to trademarks or service marks.  The former applies to goods and the latter applies to services.  The same legal principles apply to each.)

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SpringCM Brings Contract Innovation to #DF16

By Kristi Cox

  October 14, 2016     

As we continue to recover from last week, we’re taking a look back on what was SpringCM’s largest presence at Dreamforce ever. As a Platinum ISV Partner, we look to Dreamforce as the time of year where we can present our biggest accomplishments from the year to a huge audience, and this year was no exception with our recent ranking as a G2Crowd High-Performer, as well as the release of G|1 Docs, our one solution for Salesforce users to generate, manage, and automate documents.

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Work on Contracts Leads to Nobel Prize

By Team SpringCM

  October 12, 2016        Contract Management

When you think of the Nobel Prize, it’s often the Nobel Peace Prize recipients who get all the glory - and rightfully so! But in addition to the Dalai Lama and President Barack Obama, today we’re also honoring Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom, two professors from Harvard and MIT who’ve been awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for their contributions to contract theory.

And as you might guess, we’re pretty passionate about contract theory around here! The Royal Academy of Sciences, which awards the Nobel Prize, noted that “Contracts are essential to the functioning of modern societies.”

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SpringCM Fueling Hyper-Growth for Forbes Cloud 100

By Jeffrey Piper

  October 7, 2016        Customers, Technology

Congratulations to the Forbes Cloud 100 inaugural members!  

The list recognizes cloud companies for their financial health and growth of their business, as well as factors like customer adoption and satisfaction.

So what do these privately-held companies have in common besides being top rated in this latest Forbes ranking? Well, for starters, 25 percent of them manage their sales contract management process using SpringCM!  Standouts such as Cylance, Carbon Black, Anaplan, Acquia, Duo Security and many more are creating, negotiating and e-signing contracts using SpringCM’s contract management solution. In addition, these companies have integrated SpringCM with Salesforce.com and are seeing some amazing results: 9 percent revenue growth, 75 percent faster contracting cycles, and 25 percent increase in obligation managmeent compliance to name a few of the benefits.

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SpringCM is a Must-See at Dreamforce 2016

By Team SpringCM

  October 4, 2016        SpringCM, Events

Dreamforce 2016 is officially underway, and SpringCM has been listed among the 113 must-see apps at this year’s conference.

With the most five-star reviews of any contract management app on the AppExchange, SpringCM has become a leading application for creating, managing and automating contracts and other documents in Salesforce. Our contract management platform is built to drive sales productivity, and has shortened the contract process for our customers by up to 75 percent.

Now a Salesforce Platinum Partner and with the recent release of G|1 Docs, SpringCM’s presence is in full force this year at Dreamforce.

Here’s a look at where you can catch SpringCM at Dreamforce this week:

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