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All your business content organized in a single, secure cloud. People ask us all the time, "Can you even tackle a process as complex as ours?" Our answer, "You bet." Powerful collaboration. Automated workflows. Mobile. Problem solved.

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All the content you need at your fingertips without leaving Salesforce.

SpringCM extends and enriches the Salesforce platform. How? By elegantly handling all your Salesforce document management needs. Organize, share, and collaborate around all the content you need to do your job without leaving Salesforce. No one does this better than we do. But that's not all. Where we really break out from the pack is by generating workflows to power processes, such as sales contracts. And those are just two of our high-value apps.  

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We're proud to be the winner of the 2012 Customer Choice Award for Collaboration!

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Companies love what SpringCM does for them in Salesforce.

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Stop the back and forth. Automate contract management without leaving Salesforce.2:43

Create and manage contracts in Salesforce.

Do you have visibility into the risk and financial impact of a broken contracts process? If you don't, you're not alone. Many companies struggle with processes that are largely manual. And all the back and forth is very inefficient and costly. SpringCM streamlines the entire contracts lifecycle, from contract creation and collaboration through negotiation, redlining, approvals, and archiving. Manage all your contracts without leaving Salesforce. Provide instant visibility to the right people throughout the company.

View the webcast today!Recorded Webcast: Scripps Networks and PDI Nice-Pak talk about their business drivers for moving to the cloud. Listen to this webcast to hear how it paid off for them!

Store and share files in Salesforce, plus much more.

SpringCM is intimately familiar with how you work in the Salesforce environment. We give you a single, global content cloud where you can organize, share and collaborate on all your content. And we make it accessible to you in Salesforce through your SpringCM Viewer. When you're in an object, you have a "smart" view of the subset of your SpringCM content specific to that Opportunity, Account, or custom object. And with SpringCM, it's easy for teams to securely collaborate with shared project folders, version control, and automated alerts. 

 Store it!

Store, organize and make your content easier to search and find.

 Share it!

Share, collaborate inside or outside the organization. Sync it, go mobile.

 Work it!

Replace the manual tasks with automation, streamline even complex processes.

 Secure it!

Rely on security that passes the most stringent SSAE and SOC 2 audits.


These customers Spring it!

Leading brands in all sectors of the global economy use SpringCM Content Cloud Services to put content to work to increase revenues, cut costs, mitigate risks, and engage customers and employees.

Content matters. We make it work for you.

Content is at the core of every aspect of your business. It represents the best thinking of your teams. It's intertwined with all your critical business processes. Content helps you adapt to changing market conditions, which always means clearing the way for new content flows. When you put content to work by getting it in the right hands at the right time, content fuels competitive advantage and drives bigger outcomes. In short, content is your single, greatest business lever. And we make it work for you with world-class, business-strength apps that dissolve the barriers between people, processes, and content. 

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April 24, 2014
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