When Your Documents Flow, Work Flows.

Work Flows for Our Customers

When you can reduce contract generation and review time by 75%, work flows.

A fast-growing investment management company streamlined internal contract processes, reduced risk and improved the experience for their customers.

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When you can deliver 400 contracts every month, work flows.

A leading provider in healthcare analytics created harmony across 10 acquired businesses, providing a central document repository and removing friction between departments.

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When you can manage documents for 12,000 dental providers and add more than 100 new providers without breaking a sweat, work flows.

A large medical insurance provider captured market share in a new dental venture while reducing time to settle medical issues from 40 to 25 days.

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When you can accelerate the review process for 1,200 scientists publishing 4,000 research pieces each year, work flows.

A division of the US Department of Energy moved research reviews from disorganized email chains to a secure cloud platform, enabling scientists to easily share and collaborate on alternative energy research.


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